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“Wow Factor” 1kg

$35.00 incl.gst

Daily Nutrional Maintenance.1kilo contains  rosehips, omega linseed meal, carrot, dandelion root, marshmallow, nettle leaf, fenugreek whole, and psyllium husk

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“WOW FACTOR” Daily Nutrional Maintenance  Get the “WOW Factor” into your beloved. Give a daily hit of herbal and natural delights. Wow Factor Sports Pony supplies nutrional maintenance plus much more  -delectable to taste -enhancing general health -wow factor coat colour and softness -internal spring cleaning and supporting healthy digestive system, liver and kidney function -bursting with absorbable natural vitamin/mineral contained in veges, herbs,and seeds -perfect choice for all horses and ponies including those prone to seasonal laminitis and cushings symptoms

Weight 1 kg


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