Equine Natural Diet Recipies


Burdock is useful  in achy limbs such as arthritis & rheumatism. It’s a good digestive aid. Its ideal for skin conditions, toxic conditions, any blood disorders, liver & kidney function. It’s found to be a good antiseptic.


Calendula is used for Skin & gastric conditions and as a blood tonic. It’s good for gastric ulcers, inflammation, antifungal & blood cleansing actions. Calendula is great in creams for bruises, cuts, ulcers, burns & wounds.

Celery Seed

Celery seed is used for arthritis, joint stiffness, digestive tonic, urinary antiseptic. Its good for high blood pressure & has an excellent calming effect.


Chamomile is useful in aches and pains, tension, stress & restlessness. It’s good for anti-inflammatory & analgesic actions. It’s a great sedative, relaxant with calming effects.

Chaste Tree

Chaste Tree also known as Agnus Castus is recommended world wide to help hormonal imbalances, great for balancing hormones in PMT, Mares in season & milk production.

Not recommended for use during Pregnancy.


Clivers can be useful in supporting & toning the lymphatic system, it’s good in the use of urinary infections, swollen lymph glands, swelling, fluid retention.  It’s good for strengthen coat & hair.


Comfrey is well known for its healing power. It can be used internally & externally. It has the ability to heal bone, cartilage & soft tissue, therefore great in bruising, wounds, inflammation, arthritis & rheumatism. It’s also good for respiratory conditions, helps with irritation, expectorant & soothing. It showed to reduce inflammation, thereby making it useful in any gastric disorder such as colic & ulcers.


Is good for kidney & liver disorders, it’s a good diuretic & mild laxative. It’s a good blood cleanser & useful for rheumatism. Dandelion is rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, Vitamins A, B, C & D.

Devil’s Claw

The analgesic & anti-inflammatory in Devil’s Claw make’s it excellent in use in arthritis when there is pain or inflammation, or any degenerative joint disorder. It’s also a diuretic & stimulant to the liver.

Do Not Use If Gastric Ulcers are present.


Rosehip Granules: E14 OR E15

High amounts of vitamin C naturally Horse tonic for kidneys Promotes healthy circulation used daily promotes a notable attractive Coat that feels soft to touch, well known For its kidney and body tonic and healing properties of old scars. Improves hoof strength and texture due to nutrient properties.

Chamomile Flowers: E24 or E25 Bulk

Chamomile forms an important part of the natural diet supplements. It is a multi purpose herb, which offers the horse many holistic benefits. In my experience stress and anxiety is responsible for causing more serious problems down the track. Horses are flight animals therefore prone to nervous dysfunctions. Calmness of mind, body and especially the digestive tract need utmost priority in everyday care. Chamomile is gentle in its action and very suited to the needs of horses. It is antispasmodic – relaxes muscles (stomach etc).

Kelp: E18 or Bulk E19

From the fines of bull kelp (seaweed) pulled in off the shores of Tasmania. Full of minerals such as copper, iodine, iron etc. The horse that chews wood or eats dirt, by feeding kelp daily often eliminates this problem Prime role in activating the thyroid gland which is responsible for hormone release. Some overweight horses and ponies suffer hypothyroidism which is slow activating thyroid gland responsible for obesity. Also consider kelp to assist healthy hoof growth and strength.

Garlic Granules: E16 OR Bulk E17

Garlic is known for its antibiotic property “Allicin”. This herb assists with stimulation of the immune system guarding against illness and is an extremely powerful adversary against illness. Garlic carries antibacterial and antiviral actions. It is a natural source of sulphur.

Dolomite: E20 or Bulk E21

Calcium and magnesium supplement, this is needed daily as soil nutrient depletion does not provide our stock with the necessary levels.