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MSM (methylsulponylmethane) 1 kilo

$35.00 incl.gst

A nutritional supplement that delivers optimal amount od Sulpher and Methyl nutrients which are key to the structure of healthy cells in muscle and connective tissue.
Sulpher is a basic organic compound of protein, and important to building new muscle tissue and protecting existing lean mass.
Benifits of using MSM reported to help in these areas
Key source of sulpher the body relies on for almost every function including production of muscle tissue
Healthy connective tissue
Uptake of vitamins and minerals
Healthy wellbeing
MSM helps sore muscles
Prevent/reduce scar tissue
Promote muscle relaxation
Reduce inflammation and promote circulation
Anelgesic (pain relief)
Promote healthy hoof and hairgrowth
Reduce joint degeneration
Chelate or bind harmful heavy metals in the body
Boost immune system


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