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Brewers Yeast 1 kilo

$15.00 incl.gst

Brewers Yeast  is  a great daily supplement to help improve your horses overall health.

Helping digestion  – aiding the digestion of fibre, scouring and digestive inbalance, help relieve gastric ulcers also help with weight gain

Stress/nervousness –  with it vitamin B1 (thiamine) well known to help nervy horses

Healthy hooves –  Brewers yeast contains biotin, Methiomine, zinc and copper which are all needed for healthy hooves

Energy – Vitamin B complex encourages good feed absorption

Laminitis/cushings – chromium has been shown to help against insulin resistance

Breeding & lacting mares – Studies have shown Pregnant mares fed yeast culture had a greater digestibility of dietary dry matter, fibre, calcium and phosphorous (Glade,1991 a)

Mares supplemented with yeast during 1st 2 weeks of lactation produced more milk than those not (Glade,1991 b)


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