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Parsley Leaf 5 kilo

$110.00 incl.gst

The leaves of Parsley are very nutritious and can be used as a natural vitamin and mineral supplement.
The leaves are rich in vitamin C and A, iron, copper boron, flourine and zinc. as well as having calcium, phososphorous, manganese and vit E
The bioflavonoids in Parsley are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antihistamine.
Also contains a good source of chlorophyll
It is mildly oestrogenic and strongly diuretic.
So not to use when pregnant but as soon as foal is born parsley may help with milk production.
Being a diuretic its beneficial for arthritis/rheumatic conditions associated with poor kidney function; urinary infections, kidney and bladder stones
As a digestive tonic by helping to ease spasms and minimising flatulence.
A good herb to add to the diet of horses recovering from a debilitating illness



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